What You Need to Know

  1. What you need to knowYour electric bill is comprised of three major components. The first is the cost of the electricity you consume which we will refer to as “Energy." The second is the cost of delivering the electricity to your busines, which we refer to as “Delivery." The third is “Taxes."
  2. In a deregulated market, the utility no longer owns power plants nor do they profit by selling you “Energy." Instead, utilities profit on the “Delivery" of electricity to your location. To clarify, the cost you pay to the utility for “Delivery" is the same whether you purchase “Energy" from them or another company like Servant Energy. Your “Taxes" will also be the same regardless of your “Energy" supplier.
  3. Servant Energy can purchase power everyday throughout the year so when the market falls to a price lower than the utility price – lock in a lower price and save with Servant! The utility’s energy price can vary depending on how much you use, what season it is, and/or what time of day you consume energy – which can be difficult to understand. Servant Energy provides you one simple price for all “Energy" you consume no matter how much or when.