About Servant

Servant Energy’s goal and commitment is to provide your business with the best cost saving resources for your energy needs and negotiating the best possible rate. We will also continually monitor, analyze and help you in making informed decisions regarding your energy solutions.

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Mission Statement

Servant Energy is committed to providing its clients with an energy partner who arranges its clients’ needs in all energy relations matter through innovative savings programs and through its strategic partners. We continually look at creative ways to save our clients money so they can make intelligent and informed decisions on their energy.


Our goal is to continually assess and evaluate the market so we can continue to bring value and be an energy resource for our clients. We will energize your business and hold ourselves accountable for doing our job.


Servant Energy is committed to utilize all our expertise and resources to be your energy partner. We can provide you energy management, services and tools to make well informed and judicial decisions regarding one of your largest variable costs.