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Strategic Partnerships

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Our strategic partners are a vital part of the Servant Energy team. We pride ourselves in being a energy resource for our clients and that their needs are being met. These partnerships were formed with like-minded companies who share a vision and innovative work process thatís consistent with the direction Servant Energy is headed. We continually research all aspects of energy opportunities for our clients and confident in growth for them via our strategic alliances.

Lime Energy
Lime Energy is a strategic partner for Servant Energy with energy audits, energy management and complete analysis and direction. They help companies with energy efficiency and management. They enhance our resource capabilities with our clients by allowing us to provide these value added energy solutions.

Goldin Peiser & Peiser
Goldin Peiser & Peiser is one of the leading accounting, tax and strategic consulting services firms. As many of their clients own commercial real-estate of all types, they have long been at the forefront of providing specialty tax strategies based on ownership. They lead the way nationally in providing 179D Energy/Green tax deductions studies that can bring their clients up to $1.80 per sq ft.

Our alliance derived from our clients? needs to understand the 179D Tax Deduction opportunity and how the deduction could be applied to their situation. This company is poised with the right tax innovation strategies and intelligence to make an impact.

Ambassador Energy
Ambassador Energy is a uniquely scalable renewable energy solutions provider. Through our consolidated platform of renewable energy training, support, product-agnostic distribution and critical mindshare, our Earth Ambassador Authorized Agents are the most well-trained and best-equipped integrators in America.

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XylaWorks, Inc.
XylaWorks, Inc. is a strategic marketing firm that specializes in helping organizations take the guess work out of the marketing process. From data driven creative and list acquisition to marketing resource management and growth modeling, XylaWorks, Inc. leverages experience gained through 15 years of supporting the and/or directing the marketing initiatives of companies that range from start-ups to Fortune 500, multi-national organizations. XylaWorks services an international client base, covering four primary disciplines ?marketing, strategy, execution and business coaching.
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