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Like you, Servant Energy is concerned about the environment. The cleanest form of electricity is “green power” – energy that is produced by natural renewable resources. Green power is derived from sources such as solar (sun), wind, biomass, and hydro (water) – which are natural, renewable, and don’t contribute to global warming.

Green power is 100% free of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides – the primary cause of smog, acid rain, greenhouse gases, and contributors to asthma and lung cancer respiratory illnesses. When you choose green power for your business or home, you’re supporting the development and adoption of alternative, renewable energy. It’s easy to do, and future generations will thank you.

Servant Energy has “green power” options available in selected areas by our Retail Electric Provider partners. In these areas, electricity is typically generated by hydro (water) power from dams or is wind generated electricity.

Our green energy options support the environment and the economy. Green energy options available also include the ability to have a portion of your monthly electric supply cost going to support the development and adoption of renewable energy. It’s an easy way to become part of the energy solution.

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