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During our first meeting, we will listen to your needs. We recognize that each client operates in a different environment with varying requirements and demands on their time. We will work with you to determine the right strategy for selecting the retail electricity product and retailers that best fits your company’s specific needs.

We are independent of every retailer in the country. This enables us to provide unbiased, experience and professional advice in constructing the overall strategy, product and contract terms for your situation and risk profile.

Superior Customer Service is a cornerstone of Servant Energy’s value proposition. We will help you negotiate your electric supplier agreement as well as help you maintain a high level of service post contract execution. After the commodity agreement is complete, we will provide the following support services:

  • Monitor the switching of your accounts;
  • Review your invoices for accuracy and alert you of discrepancies;
  • Assist you with adding new accounts and closing old ones;
  • Provide you with a continuous flow of information and events in the market place, including market opportunities that can be advantageous;
  • Serve as a professional resource for evaluating energy efficiency measures to reduce costs.
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